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IL Top 100 Logistics IT Provider 2013       
Cheetah Software Systems has once again taken top honors as an Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider. Read more here.



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Vinlux: “Cheetah makes route planning easy and helps us to send rush deliveries to the right driver to eliminate inefficiency and reduce our fuel bills. It’s also been a huge plus on the customer service side as we know in real time if a driver is projected to be late and can notify the customer to avoid any upsets. Cheetah has been an excellent marketing tool for us to use when selling new customers. We can show them how easy it is to see delivery times and to track their shipments. Customers are most interested in accurate delivery and order tracking and Cheetah enables us to provide them with exactly what they require.”  - Tom Tunt, President

Cort Furniture Rental: “Gone are calls from unhappy customers because our drivers failed to arrive at their final stop for the day due to delays. Since we know where our trucks are and identify problems well in advance, we can reroute vehicles more efficiently than ever. None of our competitors have such a sophisticated system, so we plan to loudly tell our customers about it. The return on investment and the increase in profitability from Cheetah Delivery has exceeded our expectations.” – Tom Mattingly, Director of Operations

JS Logistics: "We only have a small fraction of the problems we used to have with our drivers showing up to collect packages and forgetting who they were supposed to pick up for, what they were supposed to pick up, the number of boxes, where they were going, etc. With Cheetah Delivery, however, every time a courier shows up for a pickup, he has 100% of the delivery information he needs to be successful. In addition, my cost of operations in Kansas City must be 20 to 30 percent lower than any of my competitors.” – John Cochran, President

Ward Transport and Logistics Corp.: “Cheetah has enabled us to eliminate many hours of data entry for pickups at the end of each day, and to eliminate up to an hour each day of drivers waiting for pickup assignments. We've lowered the number of miles driven per stop and our ROI has been tremendous--we're making 10% more stops with 6% fewer miles, saving over $1,000,000 a year in direct operating costs along with $500,000 in dispatch labor costs.” - VP of Asset Management

Temco: “We were having tremendous problems with tracking reschedules and we would actually miss customers and the product would not go out on the day it was supposed to. They were expecting a delivery and it didn't happen. That has been eliminated with the Cheetah Delivery system, which has enabled us to provide superior customer service while our volume increases. Unlike before, as our volume increases we can now easily handle more deliveries." - President

Central Freight Lines: “Our goals for implementing the Cheetah Freight solution are to intelligently inject technology into our dispatch management process in order to provide real-time shipment status information to our customers, provide improved decision making tools to our P&D dispatchers, and improve the outbound load planning process. By doing so at this time, we are choosing to make a significant investment in our future that will pay dividends for many years to come.” - Director Operations Services