Watch the 60-second video for an overview of the Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform (Cheetah LOOPTM)!

About Cheetah

Cheetah Software Systems, Inc. is the leader in real-time logistics & dispatch solutions for delivery, less-than-truckload (LTL), courier and private fleet operations.

Founded in 1987, Cheetah Software Systems is a top provider of logistics solutions. Cheetah has been setting the pace with real-time logistics solutions for the transportation industry and has successfully streamlined over 100 million business and home delivery transactions for industry leaders like Macy's, JS Logistics, Ward Trucking, Central Freight Lines, Frozen Food Express, and hundreds of other firms across North America. Cheetah is fast, competitive and cost effective.

Cheetah offers affordable integrated software and hardware solutions for communication, scheduling, loading, delivery and pickup that “connect the dots” between the key areas of your operations in real time. Cheetah products are now available to companies with small and mid-sized fleets with technology rivaling and even surpassing those used by FedEx® and UPS® for a small fraction of the cost.

Please review our product pages for Cheetah Freight™ for LTL carriers and Cheetah Delivery™ for distribution and delivery companies.

Cheetah Software is located at:
200 North Westlake Blvd., Suite 200
Westlake Village, California 91362
Telephone: (805) 373-7111
Toll Free: (888) Cheetah

Please feel free to contact us for further product information and a one-on-one product demo to see how Cheetah products can help your business streamline its operations, increase profits, and vastly improve customer service.