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Cheetah Delivery

The Cheetah Delivery real-time routing and dispatch software, built on the Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform (LOOP), enables distribution & delivery firms to lower operational costs by increasing the efficiency of dispatchers, drivers, and customer service reps. Cheetah Delivery is a modular, integrated solution that consolidates and reduces labor while increasing productivity--the easy-to-deploy and affordable system for any size home or commercial delivery company.

Delivery Service. Pickup Service. Customer Service

It's the lifeblood of your business, and your customers demand better--and faster--service than ever before. To meet this demand, you need a dynamic, comprehensive, and intelligent logistics system that:

  • Automates and simplifies the route planning process, creating routes that utilize fewer trucks across less miles.
  • Enables dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes to accommodate changes in order status and the addition of new orders.
  • Provides access to real-time information that allows for proactive decision-making and the best customer service.
  • Achieves workflow optimizations to minimize the number of routing, dispatch, and customer service staff.
  • Allows for monitoring the entire system in real time and managing multiple facilities from a single location.

Optimized Route Management and Delivery Tracking Software

Cheetah Delivery provides optimized scheduled routing enabling more stops with fewer trucks, while the power of real-time dynamic routing software allows you to instantly schedule and automatically route "on demand" (not previously scheduled) pickups. Stops are automatically downloaded into the driver's handset, providing real-time, GPS-enabled supply chain visibility and proof of delivery.

Cheetah Works

With Cheetah Delivery, my cost of operations is 20% to 30% lower than my competitors.

- John Cochran, President, JS Logistics

By implementing Cheetah Delivery, we reduced overtime by 27% in the first month and cut fuel costs due to having more efficient routes.

- Tom Mattingly, Director of Operations, Cort Furniture

Cheetah Delivery works absolutely fantastically and has helped us provide outstanding customer service with fewer people.

- Tom Tunt, President, Vinlux

Affordable for Any Size Delivery Company

Similar custom solutions used by FedEx® and UPS® cost millions of dollars and require years to implement. The Cheetah Delivery system, on the other hand, is a delivery software solution that any size company can afford and implement within 60 days.

Your Cheetah representative can provide you with exact pricing for a solution that meets your company's requirements. Expand your business while reducing administrative and operational costs - experience an immediate return on investment.

Go here for a more complete listing of Cheetah features.

Delivery Silver

Cheetah Delivery is a tiered product, with each tier providing specific features to extend and enhance the solution’s value. Silver Tier:

  • Real-time supply chain visibility with dynamic ETAs
  • Menu driven, two-way automated wireless communications enables real-time, GPS-enabled driver tracking and directions
  • Visual display of routes and route history
  • Real-time delivery confirmation updates
  • Route editing with manual overrides 
  • Robust mobile application
Delivery Gold

Gold Tier includes all of the features of Silver with additional functionality:             

  • Simplified drag-and-drop route planning and dispatching
  • Dynamic routing based on add-ons, reschedules, and cancellations
  • Equipment- and driver-specific routing parameters
  • Barcode scanning and signature capture
Delivery Platinum

Platinum Tier builds on Gold and adds:                                                             

  • Advanced customer service
  • Dispatch costing 
  • Trailer and asset tracking 
  • Image capture
  • Real-time Web tracking APIs
Delivery Diamond

Diamond Tier is the ultimate in automation, providing even more labor savings and productivity improvements:

  • Intelligent, optimized route planning utlizing 200+ proprietary business rules
  • Automated, optimized dispatch 
  • Product staging and cross dock integration
  • Route cost/savings analysis 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Simulation model

Cheetah Delivery software coordinates, consolidates and optimizes your operations

Dispatch Automation

Automated wireless dispatch eliminates inefficiency by automating manual tasks such as routing assignments, radio dispatch and researching Proof-of-Delivery details (POD's).

Driver Directions

Most home delivery drivers face delays trying to find locations in the Thomas Guide while en route. Cheetah Delivery software greatly increases driver efficiency by offering instant driving directions via cell phone. By pressing a few phone keys, text-based directions appear on the phone.

Dispatcher Consolidation

Typically, delivery firms operate at a level of two dispatchers to 25 trucks. With Cheetah Delivery trucking dispatch software, that ratio is increased to one dispatcher for every 100 trucks.

Increased Route Productivity

Most companies have one veteran dispatcher who is faster and more accurate than all the others. Cheetah Delivery's customized route optimization software is built around the intelligence and expertise of your top dispatcher. His experience is woven into the system, freeing him up for exception management of a far greater volume of traffic than ever before.

Reduced Fleet Costs

A reduction in fleet mileage is a direct result of increased route productivity. Fewer miles driven means fewer vehicles required and higher margins. Cheetah Delivery's routing software typically generates a 10% to 30% reduction in fleet operating costs.

Satisfied Customers

Instant access to accurate delivery ETA's, POD's and shipment exceptions allows CSR's to complete calls faster and provide better service to customers. Instead of calling the dispatcher who then must call the driver to find out delivery status, accurate real-time information is available at the CSR's fingertips.

Cheetah Delivery software: real-time information across departments

FedEx and UPS have set the industry standard by utilizing sophisticated real-time delivery, tracking, and routing software systems. No matter where a delivery is in its lifecycle, its location and status can be precisely pinpointed and adjusted--the real-time information advantage of the Cheetah delivery tracking and routing software system.