Watch the 60-second video for an overview of the Cheetah Logistics Operations Optimization Platform (Cheetah LOOPTM)!

Let Cheetah Help You Save 10-30% on Fuel And Labor - and Improve Customer Service

Central Freight's Director of Operations Services, Mark Stein, had this to say about Cheetah Software Systems:

Thanks to Cheetah, we're now remotely dispatching many terminals from a single location. We've consolidated management teams. And we're providing better, centralized customer service.

Cheetah allows us to accomplish these long-term plans in only two months. Our ability to do so has helped us weather the storm in this incredibly difficult economy.

Central Freight's secret? They use Cheetah's dynamic dispatch and automated customer service to save over $1.5 million a year in fuel and labor while providing dramatically improved customer service.

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